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Industry-Leading Tactile Warning Surfaces and Truncated Domes

ADA Solutions, Inc. is the premier source for tactile warning surfaces and truncated domes in the United States. Our extensive inventory allows us to have thousands of units readily available at all times.

High-Quality Detectable Warning Tiles

Our detectable warning tiles are essential to the safety of the visually impaired. They serve as stop signs or warning signals to indicate a change in path near busy intersections, steps, ramps, curbs, and raised platforms. You have more than likely seen them around public buildings, in shopping districts, and on transit platforms.

These high-quality panels are made of UV-stable, homogenous glass and carbon composite, and they feature fiberglass truncated domes, which add durability. Our products are resistant to chemicals, extreme temperatures, and general wear and tear. We have installed more than seven million square feet of detectable warning surfaces throughout the country, some of which have lasted for over a decade.

Fiberglass Truncated Domes

Fiberglass truncated domes are vital to the overall effectiveness of our tactile warning surfaces. Not only do they add durability, but they also serve as a key safety feature. These flat-toned domes catch passing canes used by the visually impaired, and they can even be felt through the sole of shoes and boots. This feature allows our tiles to grab the attention of those who aren't impaired but may be momentarily distracted.

All of our truncated dome surfaces are in full compliance with all local and national guidelines and requirements. This includes the American Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines, Public Right-of-Way, and all government, municipal, and contractor specifications.

ADA Solutions, Inc. is the country's leading manufacturer of tactile warning surfaces for the visually impaired. For more than two decades, our products have proven to be both durable and dependable. Contact us today for more information or to request a quote.

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