How ADA Solutions Inc. products contribute toward earning LEED Credits, specifically for LEED Neighborhood Development Project Certification.

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The information below was obtained from the LEED 2009 for Neighborhood Development PDFs and checklists.

The LEED 2009 for Neighborhood Development Project Checklist and Scorecard clearly outlines the need for safe pedestrian walkways and crosswalks.  In fact, under the Neighborhood Pattern and Design Section, “Walkable Streets” is listed as a Prerequisite.  In addition, “Walkable Streets” is also listed for Credit 1.   Credit 11, Visitability and Universal Design,  requires new construction and retrofitting to ensure rights-of-way and/or travel routes in accordance with the American Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).

All of ADA Solutions Inc. products are in full compliance with the American Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG), Public Right-of-Way (PROW) and California Title 24 Requirements.

ADA Solutions Inc. Products and LEED Compliance

ADA Solutions Inc. has initiated an extensive industry-leading effort to manufacture composite tactile warning and way-finding products to optimize the use of recycled (renewable) components and processes within our manufacturing program. This program will contribute towards points needed for LEED certification.

ADA Solutions Inc. products can be selected by contractors and end users to help meet requirements of LEED. Specifically in the LEED Material & Resources Section, Credits:

  • Credit 4.1: Recycled Content, 10% (post consumer + pre-consumer)
  • Credit 4.2: Recycled Content, 20% (post consumer + pre-consumer)
  • Credit 5.1: Regional Materials, 10% Extracted, Processed, and Manufactured Regionally)
  • Credit 5.2: Regional Materials, 20% Extracted, Processed, and Manufactured Regionally)
  • Credit 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials

ADA Solutions Inc. Product System Components Green Standards:

Chem-Link M-1 Structural Adhesive/Sealant:

  • LEED 2.2 for New Construction and Major Renovations: Section 4.1, Low-Emitting Materials (1 Point)
  • NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines 5 Global Impact Points
  • ASTM D2369, EPA Method 24: VOC at 240 Degrees Fahrenheit - <20 grams/liter