Tactile Warning Surface Products

Attention Architects and Engineers:
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Our products and specifications can be found in Specification Libraries under the Master Format Number 32 17 26 “Tactile Warning Surfacing”.
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ADA Solutions, Inc. products are compliant with Detectable Warning and Way Finding Specifications prescribed under:
  • International Standards Organization – (ISO 23599)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act – (ADAAG and PROWAG)
  • California Title 24 / California Building Code (CBC) 2013
  • Canadian Standards Organization – (CSA B651-12)

When it comes to installing a tactile warning surface, no one in the industry can match ADA Solutions, Inc. for quality, reliability, quick delivery service, and compliance. Whether you're updating existing construction or installing new ramps, curbs, sidewalks or other projects, we provide the solutions you need.

Types of Detectable Warning Systems

ADA Solutions has detectable warning systems to suit a variety of applications and situations.

Radius Systems are designed to be included in new construction or retrofitted for existing curves in sidewalks and other walkways. We provide the only true universal radius tile in the industry. Panels are pre-scored to be cut at 10', 15', and 20' radiuses.

Cast in Place Replaceable Tactile is specifically designed for installation in freshly poured concrete. This replaceable tile is versatile, durable, and, like all our products, fully compliant with ADA and other relevant government regulations.

Surface Applied Systems are for use in retrofit applications. Beveled edges provide a smooth transition. Tiles come in both radius and rectangular configurations and are installed using color-matched fasteners and structural adhesive.

Our Cast in Place tiles have a 1/4" nominal thickness, and they feature embedment ribs 3" on center the length of the tile. Intended to be pressed into place in freshly-poured concrete, our UV-, moisture-, and chemical-resistant cast in place tiles are an excellent solution for new curb ramps or other new construction applications.

Tactile Guide Tiles are designed to guide pedestrians across streets and along other walking surfaces. Durable and safe, these tiles are ready for installation in existing and new construction.

Similar in purpose to Guide Tiles, Directional Bar tile is used to guide pedestrians to and through a property or facility.

Our ADA Compliant Products Are Second to None

ADA Solutions, Inc. provides our customers with flexible solutions while holding our products to the highest of industry quality standards and complying with all relevant governmental regulations. Our production capacity allows us to provide our customers with faster delivery from our extensive on-hand inventory. Your project will not be delayed due to manufacturing limitations. We have the products you need, ready to deliver.

Products for All of Your New Construction Needs

Many local, state, and federal regulations governing new construction now require ADA compliance. ADA Solutions' tactile warning surface products provide your company with the solutions you need to ensure safety and accessibility. We not only provide excellent quality products, but we also strive to ensure you have all the information you need for compliance. Our products exceed the most stringent requirements for water absorption; slip resistance; wear, weather, and chemical resistance; UV stability; detectability; and strength. Contact us today to discuss your new construction needs.

ADA Solutions is the world leader in detectable warning systems.

The most extensive selection in the industry, ADA Solutions offers the following models in a variety of sizes and colors:

  • ADA Solutions Radius Truncated Domes
    RADIUS SYSTEMS (U.S. Patent # 9,365,984)
    After years of research & development, we are happy to announce that our latest innovation, a Radius Tactile Surface, is now ready for immediate shipping. We offer both Cast In Place Replaceable, and Surface Applied versions of this incredibly versatile product line.

    3–Part Cast In Place Replaceable Radius Product Specification:

    3–Part Surface Applied Radius Product Specification:

    Radius Calculator (Imperial Units):

    Radius Calculator (Metric Units):

    Contact us today for details of this revolutionary new product from ADA Solutions.
  • ADA Solutions Replaceable Truncated Domes
    Our latest innovation is the only 100% replaceable Detectable Warning product on the market. Pressed into wet concrete, our new replaceable pavers are the most durable product available anywhere.

    3–Part Cast In Place Replaceable Product Specification:

  • ADA Solutions Surface Applied Detectable Warning Tile
    Our Surface Applied product is perfect for those projects where you need to retrofit an existing concrete substrate. Available in five different sizes, each of our Surface Applied tiles can be installed in as little as 10 minutes, dramatically reducing your installation costs.

    3–Part Surface Applied Product Specification:

  • Cast In Place Detectable Warning Tile
    We have shipped thousands of our Cast-In-Place pavers across the country. They are a great long-term solution for any job, under any weather conditions.

    3–Part Cast In Place Product Specification:

  • Truncated Guide Tile
    The Guide Tactile is used to guide a pedestrian across a roadway.

    3–Part Guide TactileProduct Specification:

  • Directional Bar Tile
    The Directional Bar Tactile is used guide pedestrian to a property, facility or amenity.

    3–Part Directional Bar Tactile Product Specification: