Replaceable Stainless Steel (U.S. Patent Pending)
Truncated Dome Detectable Warning Systems

The most proven and trusted Detectable Warning solution in the world.

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  • For use in new curb ramps or new construction
  • Pressed into place in freshly poured concrete
  • Plastic sheeting protection covers entire surface of Cast-In-Place Tile
  • Standard size: 24" x 48"

All Tactile Warning System tiles manufactured by ADA Solutions, Inc. are designed to be installed on a concrete substrate. We do not recommend installing any of our products into asphalt, nor do we warranty such installations. Please contact us directly and one of our knowledgeable sales staff would be happy to explain an alternate solution.

CAD Drawings - Replaceable Stainless Steel Truncated Dome Detectable Warning Systems

Part # Dimensions Dome Spacing PDF
2448SSREP 24" x 48" 1.67"

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Made in the USA

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